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Healthy Hearts Begin in the Supermarket

Do you feel confused when you try to buy healthy foods? With as much variety in our reach it is difficult to know which products are the healthy ones. A healthy body begins with healthy habits like buying food that is good for you and your family. Try these steps when you go to the supermarket:

Step1 – Plan Your Menus

Be creative with your meals, but stick to the plan. Keep a shopping list handy so you don’t stray.

Step2 – Choose Foods in Season

Seasonal foods are usually fresher, have better flavor and are less expensive.

Step3 – Prepare a Shopping List

Make a list of healthy meals that you and your family will like. Then list the foods you need by food categories. A well-organized list will help to find the foods you that you need quickly and avoid foods that aren’t healthy and that you didn’t plan to buy. You can download a printable-form here.

Step4 – Eat before shopping

People who are hungry tend to buy foods that were not planned. Make sure that you and your kids eat before you go shopping. This will help you follow your list.

Step5 – Shop in 30 minutes

Try to get in and out of the grocery store in 30 minutes. This habit will help you to only buy the amount that you are going to use in the week.

Step6 – Choose products with the American Heart Association’s
heart-check mark symbol

This symbol on a product means that it meets the AHA’s healthy eating requirements- limiting the content of saturated fat and cholesterol. There are a lot of symbols that look similar to the AHA heart-check mark. If you are not sure, look for the name, “American Heart Association” next to the heart symbol.

Step7 – Read the nutrition label

Make it a habit to read the nutrition panel of each product that you are thinking to buy. Use this example as a guide to help you choose the most healthful products for your heart.